Vaping Is An Healthier Option Than Smoking Weed

August 24, 2017

Vaporizers have gained immense popularity and they are very much useful, yet the average people don’t know why they are such useful devices. The most negative effect of weed comes from inhalation of smoke emitted due to burning, as done in traditional smoking in regular basis. Inflaming the bud is the easiest way to raise the temperature required for release of various compounds which give weeds its unique potency. But, the whole process gradually has an adverse impact on lungs and respiratory system. Traditional smoking device often starts their damage with irritation in windpipe. In a long term, this unnatural hot smoke is dangerous for the lungs, unlike pax vaporizer where there is no smoke involved and one is safeguarded from all the adverse effects.


A vaporizer creates heat for the cannabinoids to reach their boiling point. Rather than bud burning and emitting dangerous toxic smoke, vaporizer cigarette dehydrates without fire and thus release the essence of weed without any smoke. Vaporizer eliminates the chemicals completely. The chemicals are not due to the weed but due to the burning process, for example, even a simple bonfire can emit carcinogens in its smoke. When people voluntarily and regularly get exposed to smoke, they are under high risk. Thus people vaping are safeguarded from the negative effects of smokes.

Continuous Benefits

Along with health benefits there are various other benefits of vaping. Firstly, there are no byproducts of smoke. Secondly, there is no ash, so no ashtray is required. Buildup of toxic is not there so no clogged pipes and no stained teeth due to hot smoke.

Thirdly, the order associated with smoke is greatly reduced. Though it is not totally eliminated, it does not stay as in case of smoking. The smell is also more like that of burnt popcorn. Fourthly, vaping is more people friendly and there is no danger of accidents due to fire being eliminated.

Wallet Friendly

Finally, vapors come in both disposable and reusable variety, often only requiring a change of e-juice or cartridge. On the other hand, in case of smoking cigarettes, seldom they are reusable. For example, an average person who opts for vaping for as little as, 20 dollar worth of weed due to medical reasons. Even if the vapor is just 30 percent efficient that traditional pipes, he gets to save 6 dollars cannabis weekly from getting wasted. This equals to 312 dollars’ worth of weed being saved in a total year. This way the initial cost of buying the vapouring device more of a kind of investment for future savings, rather than an expense. Vaping devices are built to last for long term usage. There are many other advantages to vaping than the above discussed. All these make vaporizers a better and healthier choice when compared to traditional ways of weed smoking. With more and more medical advantages and breakthroughs coming up, world will soon realize vapouring as a smart choice.