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The Most Popular Types Of Handbags

June 22, 2017

Some say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. However, in the present context, and in reality, not everyone can afford this best friend. In contrary to this statement, by taking a more realistic look into a girl’s life, you will realize that handbags are a better companion for women all around the world than any jewellery or precious stone will. These are what carry their money, makeup, cell phones and other mandatory items that are find necessary to carry around with them. Out of the many types of handbags available in the market, here are a few handpicked ones which are often used by women.types-of-handbags

Daytime clutch

Using the daytime clutch requires you to be very careful on selecting the content that will stay inside. It is no surprise that for certain events you will most definitely go with this option instead of your regular bag. Therefore, you will need to keep some content of it out and pick what is most important to go inside. Since there are many options when it comes to clutches, it is advised for you to select one that has multiple pockets. Also, since it will not cost you too much, why not keep some of various colours to match your outfit each time?


Many ladies seem to love the crossbodies as it allows you to carry whatever you need. Lack of space is a vital issue for any lady when it comes to handbags. But, in this type of bag that you can find among Offyatree products, there is no doubt that you will not face this problem as it will allow you free movement while being able to carry your luggage. Clearly, it will not look as big and chunky as a backpack, but will be the ideal size for a handbag for you to carry around.

Straw basket
Why is the straw basket an ideal choice for a woman? This is clearly the best option that you will have in the months that are considered warmer than the rest. Therefore, you can also call it the ideal summer bag to carry around with you. Out of the many options you have like skull bags this will still be your ideal vintage bag as well as the whimsical details seem more prominent, along with the basket look, clearly evident, even in the title. It is good to have options around, so why not buy one?

Shoulder bag

If you are looking for a sporty look along with a sophisticated and sleek appeal, the medium size shoulder bags are your perfect fit. Made out of richer leather than the rest that were discussed above, this could also be your daily handbag that carries the most important luggage.
As a woman, owning a variety of handbags to fit the occasion comes in handy at all times. Therefore, if you do not own any of the bags mentioned in the above list, make a move and purchase it now!